TRAVEL ROUTINE | + Carry On Essentials

hey chaps welcome back to my channel I hope you’re having a excellent epoch today’s video is going to be my travelling number Matias and I are leaving today earlier in the day to go to Switzerland we are going to be in Geneva through Lucerne all over Switzerland you know whenever we go there we kind of do like all sorts of wandering in the country and then we’re likewise foreman off to Santorini Greece with family and then afterwards we are going to Austria so so many exciting things going on a lot of the things are for our the enterprises and we are just exceedingly very excited and I’m going to be doing some vlogs on the main canal when we have really exciting things going on or maybe a compiling video but if you want to keep up with our likes day-to-day wanders time kind of like more raw type of substance come off and subscribe to my vlog path and link it now and in the specific characteristics so we’re going to be logging all the time on that channel as „youve had“ so much better going on so if you are interested in keeping up with all that subscribe to that if you just want to see like a pretty compilation video or the highlights MLV on this direct and if you’re brand-new near ones you go ahead and if they agree button or precisely double check that your subscribe that would be awesome so let’s get straight into my wander routine okay I’ve always packed sunglasses this is my billfold tissues my favorite chapstick lots of notebooks for all of my ideas and planner pens of course to go with it lavender oil the loathe loosen while we’re traveling my glass charger and headphones this is my Instagram camera extra batteries of course cell phone apparently hairbrush passport and my coins except I’ve discovered right here that I had neuron money so I switched out my euros for Swiss francs okay first um immediate foundation and my ELF acne defending foundation little bit of concealer I know a lot of people don’t like to wear makeup on airplanes but I do feel better traveling with a little bit of makeup on just something fast and simple-minded mounting that with a rectifying powder and doing a insidious contour and crimsoning with this elf palette that I became myself then I precisely become to her complexion and I’m just popping that in my crease a bit of eyebrow gelatin mascara exactly to fill in the brows the fastest way possible mascara and that’s actually it I’ll put on the chapel success in my first and this is the quickest method I know to curl my fuzz merely do two pigtails oh it leads it extends out and ready to go last thing is we are genuinely love to leave the house clean whenever possible fortunately our flight was in afternoon so we had enough time to go around erased all the bars make sure we get all of the nutrient out of the refrigerator I can go bad because we’re gonna be gone for a few months we absolutely is ready to double check we don’t come home to terrible astonishes in the refrigerator so we have some opened oat milk and tomato paste to get rid of as well as a nifty fragment of tofu so unfortunately we have now toss all of that so it didn’t get rotten but we could placed the bananas in the freezer we are therefore did that patently taking out the scum as well make up the bunk tuck away mr.

Baer so he is Toby while we’re apart of course forming sure all the radiators are off and merely doing all this general administrative substance put off the suns and we’re out the door thank you guys so much for watching I genuinely hope you got some brainchild from this video and I am looking forward to showing you guys right now all the funds that we are getting up to our vlogs so yes stand aria for some fun and exciting material I love you guys so much better and I’ll see you very soon bye and until next time chaps don’t forget every single era you have the opportunity big-hearted reveries and percentage activities so work on tea age make it happen

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