Cost of public transport in Dubai. How to travel on a budget.

#Travel and #transport in #Dubai. How to travel on a #budget!

Hi guys you’re watching oksy vlogs and if this is your first time here and you would like to know more information about #life in Dubai don’t forget to hit subscribe button and the bell icon so you won’t miss anything today I’m gonna provide you with the main information about the public transportation in Dubai there are several transportation options that include the Dubai #metro Dubai tram bus and water bus let’s start with Dubai Metro it is fully automated driverless railway system the Metro rides above ground providing the great view overlooking the city when you travel so it’s quite an interesting experience especially for the tourists you can purchase the ticket at any metro station and one-way ticket will cost you around five dirhams or you can buy a day pass for twenty dirhams the tickets are in the form of a Nol card which can also be used to pay for a tram and bus Dubai transportation system is divided into seven zones the price paid for a journey depends on the number of zones crossed during the trip another option is to use the by tram especially if you are planning to stay in Dubai Marina it runs from Al Sufouh to Jumeirah Beach Residences in 42 minutes as I mentioned you can use the same Nol card as for the metro the tram provides access to destinations such as Palm Jumeirah Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Lake Towers if you want to visit Palm Jumeirah you should try the Palm Monorail you can buy tickets and the stations you cannot use your Nol card and you can buy tickets only with cash it’s little expensive but it gives you the aerial view of the Palm and it takes you to the top from the palm and back so it runs from the trunk of the palm to the iconic Atlantis the Palm hotel the single trip will cost you 20 dirhams and the round trip 30 another way to travel around Dubai is to take the city bus it’s a great budget option and you can use the Nol card to pay for your ride and the bus stops are air-conditioned to keep you cool when it’s hot outside and the last option which is more for tourists is to use the Dubai ferry it currently runs from five terminals seven days a week and the trip runs for approximately one hour it’s a comfortable and quite affordable way to see the city from the water I will leave the link with the schedule and prices in the description below and one more transportation option which is not a part of the public transportation but you should consider it is to rent a car the business of renting in the car in Dubai has become a big industry in recent years so you can rent a car in Dubai easily but before renting a car in Dubai it is very important to know the general UAE driving rules and regulations if you are a tourist you need an international driver’s license passport credit card and third party insurance and the age limit for drivers is minimum 25 years but if you live in Dubai you need to have a UAE driving license unless you have a driving license from reputed countries just to give you an idea of prices one of the cheapest options is to rent a Chevrolet Spark 2015 it will cost you one thousand two hundred there per month or if you want to rent a more luxurious car you can rent for example Ford Mustang convertible 2014 it will cost you 6000 dirhams per month or 400 dirhams per day so guys I tried to give you an overview of the public transportation system in Dubai if you find this information useful please don’t forget to hit the like under this video and leave your feedback in the comments below and if you have any questions let me know thank you for watching and I will see you very soon bye bye

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