Luka Chuppi Official Trailer | Kartik Aaryan, Kriti Sanon, Dinesh Vijan, Laxman Utekar | Mar 1

‚ I know..I know..the nuptial season’s arrived .“ Like Anushka married Virat .“ Ranveer married Deepika .“ Even Priyanka married Nick .“ So I contemplated, why don’t I make good of this opportunity too.‘ – Hello, Brother. What on clay are you doing? – What? Brother? I was only trying to propose to you. Marriage? Are you fucking?‘ But..I had no clue that I’ll end up in this modern-day mayhem .‘ I have an idea. We should go for a live-in instead.

How can you bring up this topic in the middle of a proposal? Actually, it comes before the proposal, and not in the middle. We should find out too. Everyone else is doing it these days. Living in a inn isn’t called a live-in relationship. But if you have something else in imagination, then a inn is fine. No, we don’t have anything else on our brain. – What do you signify? – What? I mean we’ll do everything that a husband and wife usually do. Don’t get any opinions. „You’re my cocoa-cola..“ Don’t tell anyone that you two aren’t married. And no one will ever know. I don’t have a problem. All it’ll take is a blood-red anointment on my foreman, and a thread around my cervix. I am ready. Listen, dear. How long have you two been married, dear? – 1-year. – 6-months. – 6-months – 1-year. Why did you have to run away and get married? Such a neat girl.

I do acknowledge she’s a‘ little‘ underdressed, but.. Didn’t you feel ashamed before doing such a thing? You rascal. You dog .. Stop looking at her. Examination at me. Me .. „Make this news public..“ I know everything. You two aren’t married and trying to clown everyone else. Do we have any shield? Of route, we do. And in different spices. Mom, strawberry. This is the only live-in relationship in the world.. ..where the entire family is living together.

Mr. Trivedi’s daughter ran away from home and got married. Well, at the least they got married.. ..and weren’t in a live-in. What if we were in a live-in? Then some forms would be floating in the Yamuna River. Guddu, how does one get married? Guddu doesn’t know how. In happening, Guddu’s so impatient.. ..that he’s willing to is married right here if anyone can shout a mantra. My phone’s data design is over.


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