Best Bad Movie of 2018 – RANKED

– What’s the best bad movie of last year? – Let’s talk about that.( funky electronic music)( ardour cracklings) Good Mythical Morning. – It’s award season, y’all!( Link sings high note) And there are so many extraordinary movies up for its further consideration. The big loot could go to anyone from Bradley Cooper to Bradley Cooper. -( laughters) You know sometimes it is like the movies we’re supposed to like are pre-determined for us by a small group of primarily white-hot age-old men who are biased gatekeepers of the majority of abundance and opportunity in the film industry.( winces) But today, we’re going to radiance a light on movies that don’t get enough kudo on their own. Movies that are so bad that they are actually good. It’s time for Graded: Best Bad Movies of 2018. – We’ve invited four Mythical team members to join us today. Stevie, Will, Ellie, and Alex. – Uh-huh and what they’ve done is they each have what they believe to be the best worst movie of 2018, the calendar year, so you guys are gonna provide contentions to us. I believe that we have not encountered any of these movies so based solely on your disputes, we are going to rank them up here and the movies can be theatrical liberate, they are able stream, they are able direct-to-video.

I don’t care what they are as long as they’re so bad, they’re good. – And we’re going to get started with Stevie. – Well our first movie is called Eruption LA. And the story synopsis is, struggling screenwriter Josh Kendricks determines himself the whiz of his own tragedy movie when super volcanoes begin explosion all over Los Angeles. – It could happen. – Take a gaze.( dramatic music) – As I’m sure your agent filled you in, we need a page one rewrite on an earthquake movie. Have you heard of Dr. Erwin? You’re gonna meet with a seismologist. Why not do it after an earthquake? – What’s all that noise? – Right there. – What the hell is that? – Oh God.( explosion explosions) – The entire Los Angeles basin is sitting right on top of a volcano. – We didn’t see it because we weren’t gazing. – Oh my God, this is worse than I speculated. – How much duration do we have? – Four, maybe five years.( dramatic music) – Here goes nothing.

( explosion blares)( tittering) – That looks frightful! – Suspenseful, right. What happens? – How did I not know about this? – We didn’t know because we weren’t appearing. – A classic. – It’s a little odd too because you realise at the top, they return him in, he’s the eighth columnist rewriting an earthquake movie but he’s already written a movie called Lava Angeles. That movie that he wrote that came out, that movie is coming to life in his real life, but for some ground he’s also hired to write another earthquake movie and then as soon as he’s hired out of that production office, he happens to get into apache helicopters with that seismologist. And who’s flying the helicopter? Oh it’s the female pas of the new movie that he’s writing because she has learned to wing apache helicopters from the last movie that she did. – Yeah like Tom Cruise does. – Yeah. – This is an airtight patch. How’s the acting? – Well the amount of people who are faking that an earthquake is happening throughout the whole movie–( singing grumbles) – I’m really–( singing grunts) You gotta have the right hair.

– Yeah precisely, there’s no special effects to oblige the area tremble or anything so it’s literally like someone’s screaming off camera like shock and people are like this. – I’m feeling it over here. – We gotta put this at number one because I can’t imagine it getting better than good. – I’m not gonna lie. – It’s really good. – All right Alex. Present us yours. – I’m so excited, people. I’d already seen this movie before I decided to pick it for this, before it was even policy options. Understood it back in October. I rewatched it again casually and then I rewatched it again for this. So that’s three total views for me, just for this movie. – Can’t be too bad. – No , no.

I think it’s great, it’s called Mom and Dad. It’s the story of a teenage girl and her friend who try and survive a wild 24 hours in which a mass hysteria effects mothers to turn violently against their own children. It stars Nic Cage and some other– – Hold on, what? It stars who? – The Nicolas Cage. – Yes! – You may be familiar with his labor. – He’s very picky about what jobs he gets into very. – Yeah, but it’s pretty amazing. Let’s take a look.

( child giggling) There’s not a cloud up in the sky( moves into dark music) – What’s the race today? It’s like they’re waiting for the fae. – What’s going on? – Is that McKenna’s mom?( suspenseful music) – Multiple reports are now coming in of mothers slaughtering their own children. – Hey! Put your right hoof in! You take your right hoof out( smashing objects ). You do the Hokey Pokey and you( bleep )!( Rhett chuckles excitedly) – What? – Yeah. – What? – Yeah it’s pretty great. – You do the Hokey Pokey and what? – Can you repeat it? – I have to say something because that’s before the psychosis took hold.

That’s just a scene in the movie where Nic Cage is disturb. He’s having a mid-life crisis. He constructs a whole billiards table and then his wife’s life, „Were you gonna tell me „about the billiards table? “ And he’s like no and then he just smashes it for no reason. – Yeah yeah yeah, never build a billiards counter without asking your spouse. – But if you’re gonna destroy it, you are able to do it to the Hokey Pokey. – Yeah exactly. I think we actually have another clip of this film‘ cause there’s a lot to it. – Yes!( weeping softly)( all laughter) – Oh my God. – There’s no way that’s in the script. He surely simply decided to do that, you are familiar with. – Carly. Is that an accent? – I,( chuckles) no it’s just.( Link chuckles) – It’s the crest of cinema! – Wow. – Yeah I speculate Nic Cage has his own accent, that’s just Nic Cage, you know? – Here’s what I gotta just saying this.

Eruption LA seems like a worse movie. – Mm. – But Nic Cage’s recital is something that is so difficult to overcome when you get into movies so bad they’re good, you know? – Yeah, yeah. – So we gotta up-end Eruption LA. – I got to see it. Oh and it’s got her in it too. – Yeah that other lady. – Yeah it’s got the other madam. Nic Cage and another dame. – Don’t disrespect Selma Blair. – Selma Blair! – Oh Selma Blair is in it? – I like her. – I mean don’t watch it. – Okay Will, what you got? – All right my movie was called Beauty and the Beholder, and it is the absolute worst thing I’ve ever seen.( all tittering) Like, the story synopsis is a egotistical plastic surgeon encounters a beautiful girl who changes his outlook on life. It was shot very well, that’s the thing I will say. I anticipate I read it was shot in 4K. Like looking at it, it’s shade graded very well, the cut throughs are very good.

– So you can really be seen to what extent bad it is. – So you can really see how ghastly the acting is. – Get it. – But yeah, we have a trailer? – Yeah.( all laughter) – I am Dr. Joseph Neiman and I’m a board certified plastic surgeon. I’m considered one of the most wonderful in the country.( upbeat music) People have always been widely haunted with achieving the perfect watch. Cosmetic surgery is the new dope, and it’s in high demand. – The governor of People Against Plastic Surgery would like to meet you.

Maybe you should start dating again. – What are you talking about? I date all the time, you know that. – I’m not talking about your strippers with advantages or one-night specials. – I think you have never been in love. – Would you ever marry the status of women who’s never been under the bayonet? – I don’t think I can trust a woman that’s never had surgeries. – Oh. – What? – It’s just so dumb. – Okay wow. – This seems so odd. – It is very odd. – But the lead seems pretty great to me. – He’s like in his own nature similar to Nicolas Cage. He’s working it up to be Nicolas Cage someday. He’s just like– – That’s courteous of you. – I didn’t understand a word he said. – He’s like a mumble rapper. – If Bradley Cooper can mumble his direction to an Oscar, this man– – Oh shots fired. – He ain’t ugly, he is not ugly.

– This is one of those movies that everyone involved thought they were making a good movie and they were incredibly incorrect. – They travelled sideways. – You know what I’m saying? It’s a different category of bad movie, like The Room, but I don’t think it reachings masterpiece degrees like The Room but he has a Tommy Wiseau sort of quality to his give. – He did, yeah, yeah. – This is really tough. I want to see all of them! – No you don’t. – I feel like Nicolas Cage deserves his own category, you know? – Here’s the thing. What I discover Will telling me is that this was so bad, it was bad. I only haven’t heard that it started to get better and became entertaining. – It does seem good. And it is funny, I will likewise say that. I was tittering, I was like hold it– – At it, you two are laughing at it? – I was laughing at it. So if you wanna laugh at something, certainly don’t have the kids in the chamber. – Yeah we’ve already killed them.

( crew tittering) – I think it’s a three simply because, this one’s got a helicopter. – Mm-hmm. You better believe it. – It’s got bad special effects. – You’re right, okay all right, we still got one more though. Ellie, what’s up? – Oh, let me take you into the world of Boyfriend Killer. Can you suspect the planned? Probably. After the deaths among her son in a auto accident, a mourning wife starts to is hypothesized that his vindictive lover specified it up to look like road traffic accidents. Let’s picture the trailer. – This is Officer Ortega. There’s been an accident with your son. – I have bad news. – What’s going on? Sandy, are you okay? – A mother must search for answers.( gasps) – I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.

I merely, I didn’t know who the information was. – Carrie, that is exactly Krystal. Preston’s ex-girlfriend. – No we were together. Preston and I were still. In information, I live here. – You do? – Yeah. – How long did the two of you appointment? – Nine, 10 months. A big mistake. If it’s not keying my car, it’s killing my fish. Or vandalizing my home. – Why do you think she would lie about moving in with Preston? – Who knows what goes through a crazy subconsciou.( objects clatter) – Is that some women– – I was Preston’s fiance. – Make killer lovers.( grunts) – No form , no felony. – Boyfriend Killer. – Wow. – Likewise fish killer. – Yeah. – Boyfriend slash fish killer should be in there. – So you’re saying this is not one slow lead-up to simply a porn panorama? – Shocking, I know. – Wow. – So you have looked the whole movie in that trailer. – Yeah we really checked the assassinations.( giggles) Often you don’t apply that in the trailer. – Yeah yeah yeah. – Can you explain the fish? – She was upset– – Oh okay. – That her ex-boyfriend didn’t want to let her in and so– – Not ex-boyfriend, they lived together.

They were engaged. – Different boyfriend. Pre-dead boyfriend that the mother be concerned about. It’s a different– – She killed that one very. – She has a history. – The lady in it is beautiful. I retained thinking that the whole duration. I please she would kill me.( Rhett titters) – You know what, she’s really good. And I hope one day she flaps her wings above the fray and into movies that have real budgets. – Okay this is in the same category as Beauty and the Beholder.

Again, it’s somebody who thought they were stirring something great, but becoming something unintentionally great in a bad way. – It doesn’t seem, like the acting’s not as bad as Beauty and the Beholder. I can tell that by the trailer. It’s just not quite as bad. – Wow. – It’s really bad, but not that bad. – Mine has the worst playing. – Yeah. – You’re right. – Hands down. – They just say their paths. – But is this in 4K? – You know, I don’t know stuff about that.( all laughing) – Mine certainly comes in all the Ks. The largest amount of Ks you can get. Nic Cage is in, at all times. – I’m thinking that Beauty and the Beholder’s a little better than this‘ cause it’s worse. I mean this is kind of a cliche plot. This is such a stupid plot.

Can you marry anyone that hasn’t started for the purposes of the bayonet? It’s like– – That’s good in a bad way. – Yeah where do you discover nonsenses like that? – LA.( chuckling) – Okay threw Boyfriend Killer at amount four. – Sorry Ellie. – Wow. – I think we’re gonna leave Mom and Dad at number one, only because I’m afraid of what Nic Cage might do if we don’t. – Yeah that’s true. – Can I make a counter-argument? – Not truly.( chuckling) – People like this movie. – Mom and Dad? – Yeah. – Yeah it was great but it has like a 54% on Rotten Tomatoes, so you know it’s like half and half. – Again– – It’s a failing movie. – The number one is the one I want to see the most even though I know that it’s bad. – I’ll accept it. I’ll accept defeat because of Nic Cage. – So there you have it, people. Having not determined any of these movies, based solely on their debates, we have determined that Mom and Dad is the best bad movie of 2018.

– Yes, thank you for having taste, commenting and subscribing. – You guys say you know what time it is. – You know what time it is. – Hi Rhett and Link, this is a film class at Gilmer High School in north Georgia, and– – It’s time to revolved the Wheel of Mythicality.( wheel clicking) – All right , north Georgia represent! – I love them. – Click the top link to watch us pair the crew member to their favorite bad movie of all time in Good Mythical More. – And to know where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Think you can handle this new Ear Biscuits mug? Well, you can.

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