Tiffany Rothe’s Couch Potato 5 Minute Fitness: Ab Workout

Okay hey dudes this Tiffany stone that we are still doing the couch potato workout now we’re going to do those adverts so you’re on your calves me personally like oh my goodness

I just want to lay down I don’t want for down my sofa anymore so you’re going to bring your knees up like that hold on to the sofa and just bring your knees around your chest and nearly touch the sofa we don’t want for the sofa dirty let’s do it together for twenty one knees up and breathe out – that’s it so we take to and put your knees on your chest for there we get five it’s a simple woman six now whenever you appear I want you to pull your stomach button in a pull into your straight back nine ten ten more ten that’s it look right ahead now listen to my sound eight dropping heels down but don’t touch the sofa seven there we get six five four three two and one good there get a house there ah don’t touch that cash now lift your arms up to like you’re going to get the remote control or glass of water your arms up and go get me personally that remote control that’s it so you’re just going to achieve your arms towards your heels and your arms are off the sofa therefore’re just going to achieve it achieve it achieve it achieve it for ten so your arms moving laterally eight seven six that’s the pressing heels five four three two and one whew we did it okay but we’re perhaps not there yet we’re going to just take one leg up now you’re going to get Las vegas aisle can-can you’re just going to do it and down like that but with one appears with so right you might be feeling the stretch in your feet but if you drop both knees down just a little bit you’ll get your reduced abs and just take your arms and put it behind your head and lift it and allow’s get point the toes and one till your knees are together three four five six allow your arms are more seven there we get eight count with me personally nine ten ten more egg within ten nine eight seven six five you got it four three two and one good we’re still perhaps not dropping those feet so we’re going to get the knees start slightly and your heels are pressing and close it available and close this is abs regarding sofa right here we get so we’ve a little extra bonus right here going to get some inner legs within and when you bring your knees together whenever you lift your chest up go i’m along i’m you got it appears blue lift your chin is off your oranges around aside don’t pull your head just take your rib cage and pull it in and breathe out your she’ll remain together and squeeze those knees in and say with me personally get remain with me personally allow’s count down for ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one I don’t drop those heels you can drop the head and remember our couches dirty hug your knees into your chest for a moment roll it laterally good and just take your arms straight back and just relax and they’re just going to touch nearly towards the flooring like that that’s it and we’re going to gracefully them up and one two three four and down two three four and up two three four down two three four now exhale two three four good love water ago and down there we get Shh and down you got it go up two three four and down two three four seriously stay with me personally and down keep those feet with an S you five more five and down breathe from how up exhale and four that’s it and down right here we get three and down two more and good hug your knees into your chest and just roll them along with that good stretching out provide yourself a big squeeze and a grab your feet lift them up and retract don’t touch that sofa effective okay dudes that had been awesome now that your bloodstream goes you’re all psyched up do more of the home patellar exercises we’ve the whole series of them so continue toward ones that we have for your hands and your waistline see you next time

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